How to Work From Home, The Right Way

Posted on 07 Apr 2020
How to Work From Home, The Right Way

The spread of coronavirus has made people stay at home. Every country has its own regulations about the lockdown or temporary quarantine. Private employers have now ordered employees to work from home to continue addressing the demands in the market while staying at home to contain the spread of the virus. If this is your first time experiencing work from home, you might be wondering about the correct way on how to work from the comfort of your home. Actually, there are many ways to do it. In this blog, let us share with you the effective ways on how you can make yourself productive at home while doing your responsibilities as an employee.

1) Wake up early.

If you are just starting to work from home, you will encounter this biggest problem--to wake up at the right time. Although this is somehow similar to your 9-6 job, the difference is that you don't have to wake up earlier to commute or to save yourself from traffic. When you are working from home, you head straight to your working station right after you wake up or after eating your meals. This becomes challenging when you stick to the idea that you don't have to wake up early.

One way you can be effective and efficient even if you are working from home is waking up early. If you are preparing for work 2 hours before your duty, do the same at home. Wake up earlier than your working hours so you will have enough time to prepare the things that you need. Waking up early will also give you time to prepare yourself for another working day.

2) Prepare your equipment the night before.

If you want to save time, try to prepare your equipment the night before. Troubleshoot your laptop or computer. Make sure your power extensions and internet connections are working. Ensure that your work station is ready to use when you wake up. This won't take much of your time and if you don't want to experience hassle at home, you will allot a couple of minutes to prepare before you go to bed.

3) Don't get late!

Even when you are working at home, getting late is not an option. Don't use working from home as an excuse to wake up late, especially if you still need to document your log in time. Remember that this is still a part of your performance as an employee. If you will take this time for granted, you are not making yourself efficient. You should still be able to follow the 9-6 working hours if that's what your employer requires. Take this chance to appreciate not going to your office and avoid getting late for lame excuses. Wake up early, prepare your equipment the night before, and make sure to open your Pc or laptop on time.

4) Prepare your meals early.

Prepare healthy meals while you are working at home. This is not the right time to eat unhealthy food given the situation outside. You need to be strong physically and mentally especially today that you are not doing frequent physical activities like walking. If you can prepare your meals the night before your working day, the better. Use your lunchtime to rest and eat. But, if it's not possible to prepare your food ahead of one day, wake up early and cook for yourself. Don't starve yourself while working at home because this may affect your performance. Ensure that you have enough supply of food to consume while you work.

5) Make sure there are no distractions.

Distractions are not welcome when you are working from home. If you are living alone, make sure that your work station is free from anything that can distract you from your work. Don't use your phone during working hours. Focus on your work and be as productive as possible until the end of working hours. Remember that there is time to watch Netflix, read books, and play music. Avoid doing them while you are working if you think they can mess you up while you work. And, don't forget to dress properly. You still need to be professional even if you are at home.

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