How Small Medium Size Businesses Manage their Customers Properly

Posted on 04 Jul 2022
How Small Medium Size Businesses Manage their Customers Properly

Small businesses are all about relationships. That's the most important thing you need to consider as an SME (Small Medium Enterprise). Even if you don't have the best branding in the industry, you can still make a profit by properly managing your relationships with your customers. If you can't rely on your brand, products, or services, make customers your priority. Take care of them as if they are the business. To be able to do that, there are processes you need to take into account. How can you manage your customers properly if you don't know any strategy or process? If you are one of the SMEs out there and looking for ways to manage your clients, here's what you can do.

1) Manual Vs. Computer Method

Some Small Medium Size Business still operates manually while there are those who already switched to automated or computer systems. Regardless of the method, you are using, you can still manage them wisely and properly. Here's how:

In a manual method, the first thing you can do is to keep a book where all your customers, together with their information, are listed. It's like a customer master sheet but a written one. To collect the data of your customers, you can use a log-in book where they can write down their names, their contact information, the products and services they availed from you, and any relevant information. With a manual customer master sheet, you can be able to contact them by sending text messages or emails regarding your current promotions. You can ask them for feedback too by talking to them in person so you would ideas on how to improve your services next time. Just don't forget to remind them that their information is safe with you.

In a computer method, you also need to keep a customer master sheet but this time, it doesn't have to be manually written. You can buy a system that stores customer data. You can make your own master sheet through excel and other same applications. Your goal here is to keep customer data safe and accessible whenever you need them. Even startup businesses can begin their business with an automated method. Keeping the information about your customers is part of your customer management. It's also a way to learn more about the products and customers they usually avail and if they are frequent customers or not. With the master sheet, you would know who truly patronizes your services.

2) CRM modules

CRM is a part of your customer management. It is one way you can manage your customers as an SME. CRM, also known as customer relationship management, is a technology that allows you to manage not just your relationships with your customers but as well as your interactions with them. It also lets you build rapport with potential customers. SMEs who use this system solution has one main goal in mind: to improve customer relationship in their business. With this solution, your company will always stay in touch with customers and in return, it will make your business profitable.

CRM has 3 main modules: sales, marketing, and service. Each of these is crucial to your company but it still depends on what type of products or services you are offering.

Sales - this is a module that helps you track customer leads. If your business objective is to increase your sales, this is a module that will help you in the long run. It's also good if you are always looking for new customers.

Marketing - this is a module that assists you in learning how to send newsletters and campaigns to your list of customers. If you are a business that needs to market your products and services, this is an ideal module for you. It doesn't only allow you to track your customers, it gives you the chance to send out your promotions to them too.

Service - last but not least is the service module perfect for service type companies. In this module, all the services requested and booked by your clients are logged so that it can be easily managed by your customer service representatives.

As a micro business, focus on what customer information can do to your business. Do not skip customer management as this is essential for your growth.

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