How Cloud Quotation System to Help SME

Posted on 11 Aug 2021
How Cloud Quotation System to Help SME

Sending a quote through your clients through quotation documents is one way you can turn leads into sales. Businesses nowadays are learning this technique, especially those that have websites. Many customers are hooked with different products and services and sometimes, the best way to connect with them is to request the estimated prices of your services so you can also give them ideas of your recent discounts and promotions. For existing companies that have been sending quotations for a while now, the traditional way of creating and sending quotes is being outperformed by the new cloud system. If you are curious, here are the major reasons why the cloud quotation system is better than the local system.

1) One-time set up

A cloud quotation system has a one-time setup and this is ideal for SME businesses and individuals who want to be as efficient as they can. When you buy your cloud system, it's normal to allocate your time to the first process, which usually includes setting up your business profile, the business details you need in your quotation documents, and how you want to automate the process of sending it to your customers. with a cloud quotation system, you only need to spend time during the first process.

Compared to the local quotation system, which is usually done manually, you are likely to spend hours every time you want to send a quotation to your clients. This is time-consuming for businesses. The manual system only lets you send a quotation one by one. What if you have more than one request per day? Just imagine the hassle.

2) Sending quotations to customers.

A cloud quotation system has this option to automatically send out quotation documents to customers once the request button is triggered. This is efficient for SMEs since you don't have to open your email, attach the document, and send, which is usually the case for manual systems. Since cloud systems have automatic features already, you can save more time and effort if you are sending more than one quotation request per day. This system is easier to use as well because, with just a click, you can already give your customers the quotation document they are asking for.

3) Human intervention

The local quotation system obviously needs more human intervention than a cloud system. SMEs that opted for the local quotation system will have to keep a copy of their latest template and manually edit it every time they need to send a quotation. If the template is damaged or lost, they need to create a new one with the help of someone who knows the details and layout of a quotation document.

In a cloud-based solution, there is lesser human intervention. The template and layout are usually provided by the system, you just have to choose which one you are going to use. So, even if you lose your previous template, you can always back it up within the system. This is one reason why a cloud-based quotation system is preferrable nowadays.

4) Price

There is no doubt that a cloud-based solution is more expensive than the local system. Some of the SMEs out there are settling to the local system because they can't afford to buy a cloud system. There is no wrong about it. However, as a business who is trying to be competitive, you need something that will help you become more efficient and productive. a cloud-based quotation system can be your greatest investment. Rather than considering it as an expense, you should list it as one of your company's assets. In that way, you will be able to recover the cost you spent.

5) Continuous support from the provider.

When you are using a local system to send out your quotation documents to your clients, you are the one who maintains it. So, if something crashes or a part of your template crashes, you are responsible for it. While it applies to a cloud-based solution too, there is actually continuous support from the provider of the system. If your application crashes or you need help to navigate the system, you can always rely on the provider's customer support. Their support is included in the total price of the system. You should keep on using it.

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